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Kiba)*(Your promise is my promise too)*(Inuzuka (Request for tobipluskami *Lemon*)

Name: Moonstar Light
Age: 18 (He is the same age, this is after the series continued)
Village: Hidden Moon
Rank: Anbu
Looks: Pic is up above.
(short spiky purple hair goes to my shoulder, light eyes, medium size chest very curvy, has panther ears, tail, claws and fangs cause of the panther demon inside her named; Star)
Abilities: control fire and earth
Personality: nice sweet funny, flirty, shy (towards Kiba at first) and loves dogs
Horoscope Sign: Leo

“Do you really think it’s coming?” Star, your panther demon asks from deep with in you. “Yes, you can tell yourself of the lunar phase right?” You ask, running through the thickened forest. Star went silent, as you rushed through. “I can smell we are coming near the hidden leaf.” Star says, nervously. “Nervous now Star?” You laugh, timidly. You know all to well as to why you were summoned to deliver a notice from your clan to the Inuzuka clan.

You stopped outside, nearing the cities gates. You looked around feeling a bit unease. You sniffed around, picking up several scents. When suddenly a group of Hidden leaf anbu members jump out, you took your anbu mask off as Lady Hokage emerges. “Light Moonstar I assume, your village Kage sent a messenger bird to let us know of your arrive tonight.” She said, you nodded.

“Yes, I was given the task to deliver a message to the Inuzuka clan. I am only allowed to stay for a few days, but it depends on the requests between our clan’s head.” You responded, she signaled and the anbu left. Tsunade wasn’t a force to mess with let alone anger. “What do you think we should do, Moon?” Star asks. She leads you to an Inn, in the middle of the village, “This is where you’re to stay, please rest I can have someone show you to the Inuzuka home tomorrow if you wish.” She says, turning her back as she started to head out the door. “Thank you.” You reply, with a respectful bow of your head. Once she was out of sight you walked into the building to check in, then you were shown to a room. You unlocked the door, and walked in tossing your side pack on the bed.

“Moon?” Calls Star, you closed the door and walked over to the bathroom and started the shower. “Hm, Star?” You reply, while undressing. You stepped into the luke warm water drizzling down your body as you lean forward under the faucet. “Nothing.” Star says, as you bathed yourself. You turned off the water valve and stepped out of the shower then grabbing the towel you had laying on the side counter of the sink, and started to dry yourself off. You dropped the towel down and walked out to the room. You reached into your bag and grabbed out a pair of clothing to wear for bed. Once dressed you moved your items off the bed to the small table that was positioned to the left of the door and across from the bed. Sleep took over you, as you lay on the comforting warm bed.

“It’s time to wake, Moonstar.” Says Star, you partly open your eyes turning your head to the only window in the room, seeing the sun rising up. You rubbed the sleep from your eyes and sat up in the bed. You undressed, washed up quickly and dressed again into your usual outfit. You grabbed your side pack, putting it on as a soft knock came upon your door. You walked over to the door, opening it to see a young woman with some kind of red triangular shapes on each side of her cheeks. “Light-san?” She asks, with a warm smile gracefully on her lips, “I’m Inuzuka Hana.” She introduces. “Light Moonstar.” You reply, then she backs up letting you exit, closing your room door behind you.

She leads as you follow her, you look all around as you pass buildings and people on and off. “Here we are.” She says, walking inside the home after she slid the door opened. “Mother.” She calls, walking inside. “Out here!” Comes a reply from behind them, outside. You and Hana walk back outside see a grey and white looking wolf with a patch over its right eye and another woman. “Inuzuka Tsume.” She says, as she sees you standing next to Hana, “I was requested to give this to you.” You say, getting right down to business, and reaching into your side pack pulling out a letter for the head of the Inuzuka clan. Tsume takes the note, she immediately opens the said note and starts to read it until a male voice calls to her, “Mom!” A boy around your age appears with a big white fluffy dog. “This is Light Moonstar, she’ll be staying with us for some time.” Replies Tsume, refolding the letter and putting it in her chest pocket of her vest.

“I’m Kiba and this is Akumaru.” He introduces, you bowed but kept your silence. You spent the remaining day with Hana, but would often look around to watch Kiba training. As it started to get dark, you say outside looking up at the moon. “I wonder if it is wise to stay here tonight?” Star comments, you sighed deeply. “We’ll see.” You reply. “Follow me.” Came a stern voice, turning your head to the side you already knew from her scent who it was. Tsume with her companion walked you to a hut looking building, inside however seemed like it was used for storage, “At times this is just for storing, but below isn’t.” She says, opening a hidden door that was part of the flooring, she lifted it up and started to walk down the stairs leading you to a room with bars. “Will this do for now?” She asks, you reach your hand up wrapping your fingers around the bar then looked at her, “It will.” You reply, she opens the door and lets you in.

You sat down on the bed that was there and relaxed down on top, “I guess this is home for the next three days.” You say to Star, feeling yourself slowly fade into the panther demon’s unconscious self. “How do you feel?” A voice asked, you opened your eyes to see Hana opening the door. “Fine.” You mumbled, getting up as she lead you out of the hidden room. “I was requested to sample some blood from you, we can test and go from there.” She says as you follow her to the place of where she works at. She opens the door, and walks to one of the rooms with you following her in. “Let me get a few things and I’ll be right back.” She states, leaving the room. “What would a vet be able to do if no ordinary doctor could.” You say to yourself, Star huffs in annoyance, “She’s good at what she does.” A male’s voice interrupts, you look over towards the door. “How long have you been standing there?” You ask, feeling a bit off more then usual. “Not long, do you spar?” He asks in reply. “What kind of answer and question is that to respond with.” You respond, crossing your arms over your chest. “What are you doing here?” Hana asks, seeing Kiba standing in her way. “Just wondering if she can spar.” He replies, then he moves aside for her to walk into the room, “I think that can wait.” She says to him and closes the door.

You undo your jacket, removing it to reveal your arm so that she could take the blood sample that was needed. Re-put your jacket back on, you got off the lounge like seat. “Do you still need me here or am I allowed to leave?” You ask as she writes down on a label and wraps it around the blood sample tube that she had just taken from you. “You can leave it will take some time before I get results but once I do find out anything I will let you know tonight back at the house.” She replies, opening the door revealing a smiling Kiba who was leaning against the wall from across the door. “Then I guess I’ll watch over her then.” He states leaning off the wall and starting to head out, but he looks over his shoulder right at you, “Coming?” He says simply, then opens the front door and walks out as you slowly follow. After a few minutes of walking a around the area you finally arrive to the training grounds there a few others were there sparring with one another.

“Whose this Kiba?” A blonde haired, blue eyed guy approach after he and the pale skinned, black haired male he was sparring with stopped. “Moonstar Light, she’s from the hidden moon village.” He introduces, you lightly bow and smile at them. “I’m Naruto and this is Sai.” The blonde male says, smiling widely while nodding his head to the other male after saying the second name. “Do you spar?” He asks, still widely smiling at you. “I do, why do wish to spar with me?” You reply, curiously looking at him with you head tilted to the left side. His expression changes to one with excitement, as he reaches out his hand and grabs your wrists to pull you aside. You both stand on opposite sides, with only ten feet of distance between you and him. He pulls out a kunai, holding it behind his hand. Silently you both defend and attack simultaneously, the echoed sound of metal clashing for a few minutes. You put your kunai away chanting under your breath as Naruto summons multiple shadow clones. They surround as your body forms into a part beast, ears, claws, fangs, and tail.

Ferociously attacking the clones as you sniff out which of them is the real Naruto, slashing and defending on and off multiple attacks on his end. Until you found the real one behind a tree with another clone forming a sphere that was spinning in his hand. Your claws made their way to his throat, he still turns to attack, you dodged in time only to take the attack, lightly grazing your shoulder. You hissed in reaction to the stinging part of your shoulder. Naruto pulls back, he looks sadly at you as he starts to walk closer to you. “Are you ok?” He asks, you release your beast form and smile up at him, “I’m fine, I didn’t expect you to turn around and attack as I had my claws to your throat.” You reply, he moves his right hand up and over the back of his head, scratching it in relief. “Thank you for sparring with me Naruto.” You say, extending your right hand out towards him. He gladly shakes your hand and smiles. You both walk back over to the small group of people that was watching and standing next to Kiba. While walking over towards him, you reach into your pouch pulling out a small cloth to wrap around the wound on your shoulder. Kiba looks at your shoulder, “Let me see.” He demands, you agree and remove the cloth from over you shoulder. He leans forward, you can feel his hot breath over your wound.

His lips part, as his tongue moves over the wound licking it. Your eyes wince from the contact of his tongue and the stinging flesh. Kiba finishes, he looks at your expression with closed eyes. He then moves next to your ear, “You can open your eyes, Moonstar.” He whispers while licking his lips as you open your eyes too see the seductive expression he held. You look over your shoulder, seeing the wound cleaned. He grabs the cloth, and dresses the wound with it. Everyone’s eyes looked as if they were going to bug out of their eye sockets, and mouths widely opened. “Cha-ha Kiba why did you just lick her?” Naruto screeches, finally breaking silence. Your cheeks heat up, lightly tinting them pink from embarrassment. “To keep it from getting infected.” He replies.

~^~Three months later ~^~
After several tests and experiments to suppress your demonic cycle. With each dose Hana feels she is getting near the answers, but you feel otherwise. You were more then grateful to this village, and even more towards the Inuzuka’s. You knew however it was only a matter of time before you were found again by him. You weren’t afraid of him, but you didn’t want to be his mate either. That is another reason why your family has constantly bounced you around from village to village in hopes that he would no longer pursue you with interests. You walked out of Hana’s office, and moved over to a tree that is in front of the building. You walked over to the tree, leaning back against it while you closed your eyes. Feeling relaxed, as if you were in the clouds only to drift away with the smooth, light breeze. “Have you eaten yet?” A voice asks, you open one eye to see him leaning against the tree right next to you. “No, why are you treating me out?” You reply to him, he smirks at your question.

“I guess so.” He teases, sticking the tip of his tongue out at you. In response you move off the tree, turning fully towards him and slapping his shoulder in a playful manner. Until both of your stomachs growl out in hunger, you laugh and lead the way to somewhere. Kiba follows, walking closely at your side. Finally you choose to eat saiyuki, you both took your seats and waited for your meal. While having small chit-chat, you kept gazing into his eyes, losing yourself while getting lost in them. “Hey Moonstar?” He calls, breaking your gaze from him. You blink trying to refocus what was left in your thoughts. “Yeah?” You reply. He tilts his head to the side, smiling sweetly at you. “What do you think of me?” He asks. You think for a moment, not noticing him starring intensely at you. “Well I like you, what do you think of me?” You reply, asking him the same question as he did. Kiba goes silent, he pays for the meal and starts to walk off. “Kiba!” You exclaim, walking up to his side. He looks at you, then down to his feet was he continues to walk on. You nudge him in his side, “Do you not like me?” You ask, and without waiting for any kind of reaction from him. You pick up your pace, leaving him behind. You made it back to the Inuzuka’s home. Opening the door, closing it and walking down the hallway towards your room.

You entered your room, with tears flowing from your eyes and cheeks. Unable to stop them from pouring down, you lay down on your bed with your face into your pillow to muffle the sounds of your breaking heart. You hear your bedroom door open, with him huffing out of breath standing there in your door way. “Why did you take off like that.” He panted. You lifted yourself up, coming to your knees as you get off your bed. Turning around to face him with your head hung low. “I don’t know.” You mumbled, still not looking up at him. Kiba sighs deeply, his breath now calmed as he moves his hand up and under your chin. Still trying to be defiant, you close your eyes. You figured you won that toss until you open your eyes in shock feeling his warm, soft lips pressed against yours. He pulls away for a moment, “I hope that answers your question.” He simply states and again pulls you into him, and his lips pressed to yours once again.

You moves your arms up and around his shoulders as you pull him closer, slipping your tongue into his mouth. Kiba takes this as a challenge, and lifts you up, forcing your legs to wrap around his waist. With you still around him he turns to your door, using your body to close it as he presses you up against the door. His firm grip moves from your lower back down to your ass, cupping your tones cheeks into the palm of his hands. A strong urge reaches its height in the belly of your stomach, you hands move to the back of his head. Removing your lips from his you trailed down his chin, neck and on the crook of his neck you firmly bite down. Kiba tenses, he leans back allowing your legs to drop from around his waist. Only then does he notice the tugging of his short brown locks that were firmly in between your finger tips, “Be a good boy.” You teasingly say, with a devious smirk played up on your lips.

His eyes lustfully traces over you, he looks deeply into your eyes while leaning his body into yours. “As you wish.” He commented, leaning his face into the crook of your neck. As Kiba sucked down on your neck, you moaned feeling the heat rise in your body. Your fingers untwist from his brown locks, only to trail down from the back of his head, neck and shoulders. Your nails slightly dig into his shoulder, making him moan in the crook of your neck. He leans off of you, pulling you with him as he makes his way over towards your bed. He sweetly twirls you around him, he pulls you to him. Laying you softly down over your bed, he climbs over you. Trailing his eyes to your lips while his right hand smoothly goes down to your stomach. You smirk taking his chin firmly into the palm of your left hand, crashing your lips to his at the same time.
Kiba rubs over your stomach and sides, with you slowly trailing your right hand down his clothed body. Lifting up his shirt you rub tenderly over his chest, his nipples harden to soft little peaks. You remove your left hand from his chin, trailing down his chest and under his shirt. He moves his hand down your hips, and under your butt, lifting you up slightly. You moaned softly as you feel his hands rubbing over your ass. He groaned, feeling your right hand traveling down to his hips, and untying his belt. While your left hand moved over to taunt his hardening member from inside his pants. He gives a low growl, moving his hands from your ass to your inner thighs. Feeling such ecstasy build up in your body as he felt lustfully taken over too. He moves his lips off yours just pulling himself slightly back. You watch him curiously, his right hand moves over your warm mound. His finger tips lightly massage over your clothed clit, he keeps circulating over and over.

Your eyes shut, your back arches and just when you feel as if your going to find some relief, he suddenly stops. You give him a low growl, pushing him up and flipping him over. In doing so you managed to remove his pants partly, enough to where you got off from on top of him and pulled his pants fully off of him. Kiba props himself up seeing you move both your hands up his legs, then as you move of his knees your fingers shift in between. You then removed his boxers, revealing his hard, thick member. You look up at him, grasping his member in one had, stroking him up and down. He sits up a bit, watching at first. He grunts and moans your name as you pick up pace. Once he closed his eyes, you suddenly stopped just as he did to you. Kiba’s eyes shot open so fast, he pulls you up to him forcing your lips to meet. He pulls away, and moves his hand under your shirt. He lifts your shirt up and over your head, you partly lean into him doing the same. He shifts to lay you down, but before he does Kiba unclasps your bra.

Now hovering above you, he shifts your legs apart, forcing them to move up and around his waist. Kiba leans forward, you close your eyes, filling his lips meet yours again. He slowly pushes himself inside you. Your eyes open, feeling no pain. You breath in and out, as he moves himself back out and again thrusts inside. With him thrusting up and down, your body swayed with his movements. Panting softly, and biting down on your lips, you moan deeply. “Kiaa-ba.” He too was panting and moaning your name softly from his lips. His thrusts begun to pick up pace, deeper and harder as he goes. In and out, his body builds up a sweat, you grasp the sheets between your fingers. Your body arched up, the feeling of him pounding you, while the sounds of your body smacking his. You felt like you were on cloud nine, drifting away in a lustful twist. “Eyah-hh Moonstar.” He grasps, the position had changed after you pushed him off slightly to get on all fours. Kiba swallows deeply, moving himself into position. Without warning he thrusts deep, and roughly while picking up momentum. In and out, faster and faster.

“Ahhuu, Kiba” You sang feeling him deeply inside of your body as it shake beneath his. Kiba’s grunts growl in the back of his throat. His hands resting around your hips forcing your lower half to bump back and forth with his pace. He leans a bit forward over your back, you could feel his breath hitting your back. His body shifts slightly, but only to turn you on your back. He repositions himself, lowering his head to meet with your lips. His thrust hit up and deep to the point where your eyes rolled to the back of you head. Still kissing him you both moan, then he released your lips from his, pulling you upwards as if you were sitting in his lap. “Moonsta-Kibaaa!” You both screamed, He holds your body tightly in his arms, then leans forward laying your back once again on the bed. “I promise…” He trails off panting then continues while starring deeply in your eyes. “I won’t let you go.” He moves to lay besides you. You shifted to your side, and wrapped your right arm over his panting chest, nuzzling your face between to croak of his neck. “Your promise is my promise too.” You say, closing your eyes as you both snuggle to each other.

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Hyuuga}X{ Logical }X{ Neji (Request for tobipluskami)

 Name: Kitty Fang Age: 19(As is Neji, for this story)
Village: Hidden Leaf
Rank: Chuunin
 Looks: Pic is up above, not the pic of Neji is a fan art pic by Alex Crow, I believe that is what it says at the bottom so I didn't paint nor draw that picture of Neji, just to let you all know.(long blood red hair that goes past her shoulder, with light colored eyes, and a medium size chest with a very curvy figure.)
Abilities: Fire and Earth manipulation
 Personality: nice sweet funny and flirty
Horoscope Sign: Leo


Slowly concentrating fire energy to combine with in your katana blade, you sighed proudly after seeing you had succeeded. “Kitty what are you doing?” A calm voice asks, you turn to meet his violet eyes piercing into yours. “Training, something you should be doing Neji-san.” You harshly reply, again focusing back to your training as you started using earth style jutsu’s. “Sure.” He snickered, and you lost concentration. You turned around facing him, with a deadly like glare but it fades away as silly flirty thought rendered in the back of your mind. “N-neji- san.” You teased walking over to him, he watches your movements as you came closer towards him. “Stop that.” He says, just barely above a whisper. “Stop what?” You question, so innocently. “This Kitty, you always do this.” He replies, you giggle to his expression and request. “Why not Neji-kun?” You say while laughing, as a tinted blush finds it way on his cheeks.

 “Hey Kitty, Neji what’s going on here?” Lee asks, walking over with Ten-Ten. You turned your gaze else where as you feel Ten-Ten staring at you, her expression unreadable. “Nothing Lee-nii.” You smile, Neji turns walking ahead of Ten-Ten and Lee. The three leave silently but you looked over at Neji as he peeks over his shoulders back at you. “Never thought I could like you for real uhm Neji?” You question, talking to yourself. You no longer could concentrate on training, deciding to head for food until you see some of your friends eating BBQ. You sat next to Shikamaru, he looks at your dazed expression as he elbows you back to reality. “Hm?” You mumble, as he hands you a bold of rice. You slowly began to eat, truly lost in your thoughts, “What’s wrong?” Ino asks, as Chouji and Shikamaru look to you awaiting for your answer. “Just thinking.” You reply, Chouji takes a bite of his bbq pork as do Ino but not Shikamaru. “Neji again?” Shika asks, you blush a deep red. “SHIKAMARU!” You shout, taking another bite of your rice and then reaching over to grab so bbq pork when in walks Lee, Ten-ten and Neji.

 “Hey everyone.” Lee greets as they walk over, you suddenly get up. You put the half finished rice down as you continued to chew on the rest of the pork. After swallowing you look to them “I need to go. Thanks anyway Shika, Cho, and Ino. Bye.” You say handing Shika some money for allowing you to join them and then nodding to the others a goodbye as you were leaving. “Is Kitty alright?” Lee asks once you were gone, but he failed to notice you were just standing outside the door taking deep breaths. “Yeah she’s fine.” Shika says, but Ino and Chouji looked away. Neji notices this, but says nothing about it. Ten-Ten and Lee joins with them while Neji stands thinking to himself, he comes out of his thoughts as he notices the expression on Shika’s face. You look up at the sky and then walked on, heading to a hillside to lay down and relax for a bit. You turn to your side as you lay down, “Why.” You say aloud not realizing someone was behind you, “Why what Kitty-chan?” Her soft voice asks, without turning around since you knew the carrier of that shy, timid voice. “Nothing, Hinata just thinking out loud.” You reply, she sits down next to you.

You turn onto your back, with your arms folded behind your head as you stare up at the blue cloudless sky. “Kitty-chan?” She calls, looking down at you. You look at her, unfolded your arms to sit up next to her. She smiles, “Could you help train with me?” She asks, you smile and get up to your feet holding out your hand to help her up too. “Sure.” You reply, idle chit-chat as you both headed over to the training grounds to spar with each other.

*******At the training grounds, dusk *********

 You threw another kunai at her, she dodged using her byakugan. Hiding up in a tree, seeing her search for you. She notices you up above, so you jump down towards her with a kunai in hand. She used the gentle fist technique against your attack. You jumped back to avoid her punches, panting with sweat dripping down you both. You paused looking up seeing the sun fade away with hues of oranges, purples, yellows and reds light up the dusk filled sky. “I probably should walk you home now, Hina.” You say, she smiles and nods her head. You both started to walk, “So have to told Naruto about your feelings yet?” You ask her, a deep red blush brightly showed on her cheeks. Hinata shakes her head ‘no’ as you smile and giggle to her reactions. She slowly stops blushing, but her fingers fidget between each of her finger tips, “How do you feel about Neji-nii?” She suddenly asks, as her gaze turns down to her feet and she stops only a few feet from the gate of the training grounds.

 “What are you talking about?” You ask, turning around to face her. “How do you feel about him?” She responded, a slight blush comes to. “I do like him, but Hinata he just…never mind he is a friend to be is all.” You say stopping with a slightly sadden pause after the phrase ‘just’. “He just what, Kitty-chan?” She questions, you look down in thought. “No, it’s complicated Hina.” You reply, with a sadden tone echoing off in the back of your throat. You look back up, here eyes drifted not at you but towards something behind you as a voice comments, “What is complicated Kitty?” The sound of him being serious yet calm helped you recognize who it was as your turned around to see a shadow figure leaning against the gate. “How long have you been standing there?” You ask, he folds his arms criss-cross, and starts to walk towards both you and Hinata, who moved to stand next to you as her voice whispers out his name, “Neji-nii.” “Not long, just as you said that something is complicated, so want to know what kind of complication is bothering you.” He replies, and stops a few feet in front of you both.

“We were training, I simply said it is hard to train alone.” You lie, Hinata looks down. “You’re lying.” He simply states, raising his voice a bit which made both you and Hinata jump. Hinata looks up as you start to walk around Neji and reply, “Tch, believe what you want then, I’m leaving. See yea Hina.” As you called out to her, she looks up seeing your back to them as you wave your hand ‘goodbye’. As his eyes agitatedly watch your leaving silhouette, his hands turned in to fists from your egotistical reply. ‘I can’t believe I almost confessed in front of him, what to do.’ You thought, “What do I do?” You questioned out loud, pulling out your key to your home. You bite your lower lip in confusion while opening the door, pulling your key out and closing the door until a hand and foot blocks you from closing it fully. “What the hell, Neji!” You shout seeing it was him pushing the door opened. “We need to talk.” He replies finally letting himself inside, then closes the door as you walk into the kitchen for a snack. “Whatever.” You say, pulling out some azuki mochi from the fridge.

Your back was to him, he signs as you turn around with a few pieces of mochi and one in your mouth partly out as you hold it up to your lips for a bite. “Want some?” You ask, handing him the small plate. “No.” He replies, closing his eyes for a moment and then opens them. “I don’t understand you logically…” He says, bluntly but trails off. “We’ve known each other all our lives and you still treat me…differently then everyone else.” He finishes then his beautifully light violet eyes captures yours. You swallow the rest of the mochi in your mouth and licked your lips lightly. “I don’t treat you differently, I have respect for you because we are childhood friends.” You defend but the last bit sounded off to him. Confusion wasn’t shown in his expression, but was heard in his voice as he replies, “Then how come you keep pushing me away?” You didn’t know how to respond to that, so what else could a girl do to show a boy how she really likes him? So you put the plate down and quickly press your lips to his, slowly wrapping your arms around his shoulders, pulling him closer for a passionate warm kiss.

You felt relieved as you feel him kiss back, and wrapping his arms around your waist. You both pull apart when needed, you smile up at him while wrapping your fingers in twists around his hair. “Logically I must really like you, Neji-kun.” You say in a sultry whisper in his ear, then break from his grasp, slowly walking away from him. He snaps back to reality and follows you down the hall to your bedroom. You wait at the door, he pulls your from behind, holding you as he starts kissing your neck and shoulder. You lean into your him with your head turned to the left, tilting back. Your hands trail to his on around your waist, he moves his right hand from under yours and reaches for the door handle as he turns it open with a light push of the door. He moves his hand back to your waist, without skipping a beat you both step in. You move your hands from on top of his and pull slightly away while turning in his arms to face him. He smirks with a very lustful expression glimmering in his eyes as he lifts you up in his arms. You lean in kissing him as he did you, and wrap your legs around his waist.

He moves to your bed, slowly leaning over it as he lays you down with him hovering on top, you loosen your legs to fall over the bed hanging down. Neji moves his leg in between yours, breaking the trailing kiss as one hand moves down your body. Lifting your shirt and moving it up and over your head, and your violet and silver silk bra, then moving back down to your neck, pecking butterfly kisses as he trails his tongue down every so often. As he hits down your shoulder he lightly bites. You groan out a soft vibration, closing your eyes in lava hot bliss that warms up your whole body. He cups one breast, moving his moist, soft beige lips down to your chest and taunting the other breast. Your hands grip tightly the sheets, you felt as if you were going to melt into a pool of water from underneath him. Your eyes shoot open quickly as your feel your pants being undone, and his lips moving down your abs, your delicate curvy body being caressed by his smooth soft lips. His hands move lower as his head does, you feel your pants are gone now exposing your matching boy cut shorts.

 He looks up still kissing your stomach, you look down seeing him starting to pull off your underwear. Without thought you sit up, pulling him up as well and with a few twists and turns he was on his back, and you were on top. “Surprise, surprise.” You taunt untying his garments and exposing his pale soft skin, and beautifully toned abs. You lick your lips and roughly kisses his, as you move to his bottom lip, biting down softly. You taunt in a teasing manner as you rub yourself against his lower body, just enough to arouse him, “Ki-tt-yah.” He moans as you continue to move your lips down his body, and grinding yourself into him. Neji’s eyes close, but he still was making soft grunts that would grasp up and out with every breath he took in and out. You smirk as your hands move over his abs and down to his boxers with a fully erected member. You pulls down, removing them and was suddenly grabbed and pulled now fully in the bed the sheets still lifted up by his sudden actions and they flowed down on him, draping over as he once again is on top you.

“Couldn’t hold back?” You ask, teasingly as your right index finger lingers over your bottom lip. A low growl escapes his lips as he removes your and his remaining articles of clothing. Once your warmth is shown he moves his right hand over your wet mound sticking in two fingers to pleasure your body to make sure you were in full arousal, so that he can tease you as you did him by grinding yourself against his erected member. He leans his head down to draw you in, lustfully crashing his lips to yours, in a heated, fiery kiss. You grind your hips up to meet his movements as he keeps thrusting his finger tips in and out, circulating all around from deep inside you. Your right arm moves under him, to wrap your fingers around his harden member, jerking up and down to please him. You both moan out each other’s names, he stops moving his fingers and pulls them out, licking them. You devilishly smile, lifting your legs up and wrapping them around his waist to pull him closer.

You guide him to your wet, warm pussy, with ease he slides in. Notches in your stomach as you wince from the light pinches of pain. He moves slowly out, then back in. You pull him into a deep kiss, as he starts to move faster and deeper with every thrust in and out. He props himself to his knees thrusting in and out, faster and harder. “Nn-aaeejji.” You moan, sitting up to shift yourself to sit on his lap to bounce on top of him. “Mmmnnnuuaahh.” You both groan, moving closer to him as you hug him tightly. Still bouncing up and down with vigorous friction and skin slapping motions. Heavily panting, with light sweat dropping down each other’s body as it covers the two of you completely. You keep groaning into his neck, while leaving kisses with every other passing breath as he did the same to you. You both kept going moving and shifting around until Neji laid down with you on top, shifting up to prop yourself on your knees. Sliding down on top of him, he thrusts his hips up to meet you.

You moan outs in a humming sound as his hands reach up to your curvy waist. “Mmuuaa Ki-itty.” He groans out, the vibrations send friction down his body, feeling as he is close to his climax. You feel yourself nearing too, you lean forward, bouncing up and down on him as your breast do too, he cups them in a rubbing motion feeling your wall tightening around his member. You hands grasp over his shoulders, with your nails digging into his pale skin. “Aaahhh…Ne-jjiii” You moan his thrust gained over amount of energy. Feeling that you both are reaching your climax, groaning, panting and moaning out each other’s name with a loud breath, “Nnnnaauuuahh, Nee-jji--Kiii-tty!!” After you both came, you got off from on top of him, and went to lay down on your side. He moved his arm over his head, you smile seeing his beautiful violet eye reflecting from the moon’s light as it comes in from your window.

You roll to your side, your left hand moving over his chest. He moves his arm off his head and turns his head towards you. Both held in each other’s gaze, he turns onto his side, his right hand moving to your left cheek as he caresses it with his thumb. “I didn’t know I was complicated?” He says, smiling down at you. “Do you want me to logically explain that?” You reply questioningly. He smiles widely, moving in to kiss you again. “Logical or not, I love you.” He responds, after kissing you. A mutual feel that finally was expressed even though it wasn’t in a logical way. You curled up into his embrace, falling asleep within moment, however Neji stayed awake watching over your sleeping body, embracing you in a romantic bond until he feel asleep moment after you did.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Pein--Roaring Thunder-- Lemon One-shot request for TenshiXaphan

Name: Mizuki Urayama
Age: 16
Village: Home village unknown, lived in the hidden leaf for some time but was abducted and now lives with the Akatsuki.
Rank: Jounin Looks: (Picture is up above)
Abilities: Able to manipulate thunder and wind
Personality: Sweet, sarcastic, shy, stays close to him, but normally loud. Doll like. really cuddly with Tobi Horoscope Sign: Virgo


 “Alright now close your books, times up. If you need anything just ask.” You say to your students, they get up and leave like usual as their everyday routine. You sighed lightly, as a knock came to your door. “Oh hello Iruka sensei.” You greet, he walks in holding a stack of papers. “Having a hard time?” He asks. “Not really just wish the children were more involved these days.” You laugh, he nods in agreement. “Well I’ll leave you then, here is the paperwork you requested.” He adds, handing the said papers to you before he walks out. After Iruka left you sat back in the chair looking up at the ceiling, tilting your head to the side closing your eyes. Sleep soon consumes you, until a sudden clash of thunder woke you up jumping from the loud thunderous echo with lightening, your gaze turns to the window seeing rain fall upon the land. “Oh no.” You said grabbing your papers and putting them away.

You hurried out of the academy and ran home, trying your hardest not to get soaked. You reached your block and noticed from you front left window that your kitchen light wasn’t on like usually. You thought whether or not you should enter your home, but in the end you decided too. Pulling out a kunai from you left pocket, you entered from front door. Pulling out a lighter from your arm band you lit it up to see through the dark room. Nothing was seen, but you could feel as if eyes where watching your every movement. You continue on through your home, making way to your kitchen and flicked on a light. Still feeling as if you were being watched, you tried to shake it off but kept your kunai in hand. You walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs and into your bedroom. You saw something laying flat on your bed, you walked over picking up the half folded piece of paper. Opening it you read, ‘I’ll be watching you, as I was today. After all I‘ve been searching for you since you ran away from your village.’ Shocked by the discovery you quickly let the paper drop to look around your room.

Only to find your window to be open, you turned back around to your bed and picked up the unsigned note. Crumbling up the note and tossing it to your waste basket then headed to the bathroom for a quick warm bath. You started the warm water to your bath, then walked out to grab a change of clothes and a towel. When you return to the bathroom and walked over to the tube turning the valves off. You undressed and stepped into the bath after grabbing a wash cloth to dip it into your water, then rung it out and folded it up in half length wise to place it over your eyes. Nervous as to whom was previously in your home kept passing over and over in your thoughts. Finally finding a calm center with in yourself, you finished cleansing your body and got up. Bending over you drained the water then stepped out wrapping your towel around your body. After drying yourself down and dressing you proceeded to towel dry your hair as you walked out the bathroom. You sat on your bed just thinking to yourself, pondering over simply thoughts until you started to feel sleepy.

Pulling the covers down you moved up and under them laying down till sleep fully took you over. Its been over a week and you haven’t shaken the feeling someone is watching you but still you didn’t let that bother you. Focusing on your class as they finish up an exam. You stood up, ringing a small bell to signal their time is up. “Please pass you exams forward.” You say, walking over to the front row to collects the exams. “Alright since you just finished an exam I won’t assign homework but I want to have a class discussion on the difference between Kekkei Genkai and Jutsus.” You finished collecting the exams and walked over to your desk, setting the papers down. “Urayama-sensei, if one is by blood and the other is part of our chakra why is there a difference if they are connected by our chakra?” Shurei asks. “Well they’re both associated together but not used in the same manners since Kekkei Genkai are traits passed from blood relatives and cannot be taught by others while Jutsus can be taught to others.” You reply and quickly add, “Take out a piece of paper and write down if you or if you know of anyone with a Kekkei Genkai and also of any jutsus you know or that is associated to your family.”

All the students pulled out paper and begun writing. You only had ten minutes of class left and figured this would be a good exercise for them. Peacefully walking back to your desk to go ahead and start correcting their exams. You were a quarter of the way with your student’s exams when the bell rung. They all got up from their desks, collecting their items and putting their written sheets on your desk as they all passed by. You continued to work on the exams and when finished you reached over to collect their paper on the differences of Kekkei Genkai’s and Jutsus. After reviewing their paragraphs you stood up to stretch, then walked around your desk to collect you bags. “How did your student do on their exams?” Iruka asks, walking into the classroom. “Well they all managed to stay above seventy percent over all.” You reply smiling. He nods moving his right hand to the back of his neck. “The usual for you?” You ask after a few moments. Iruka looks up sheepishly nodding his head up and down. “I best be going, get home safely Urayama-sensei.” He says, turning around to the door and left you alone once again. You walked out of the academy, leaving only ten minutes after Iruka.

You slowly walked home, feeling eyes watching you again but far more intensely then any other time you’ve felt before. Looking down, deep in thought you didn’t notice your kitchen light was off until you pulled your keys out to unlock your door. You look around with your kunai again, but unlike before you were knocked out from a hit to the back of your head. Feeling a headache you reached up and over your shoulder to rub the back of you head. “You’re awake now?” A deep voice asks. You look over to the area where you heard the voice, only to see eyes blood red staring right back at you. “Uchiha Itachi.” You growl after recognizing his voice. He walked over after turning on the lights. You noticed you were in your room on your bed. You knew you couldn’t fight against him let alone his blue shark like friend either. His partner walks over to you as you start to sit up on your bed. “Why are you here?” You ask, looking straight at him then at Kisame. Itachi sits next to, “You’re coming with us without a fight.” his stotic voice scrambles in the back of your head, as you try to remain calm. When suddenly you were picked up and thrown over Kisame’s shoulders. You reached for your kunai to stab Kisame but it was taken from your hand swiftly by Itachi. His sharigan still actively upon your movements.

“Bound and gag her.” Itachi’s says to Kisame. As requested he bounds your palms and wrists in an X-shape across your chest and a cloth gag that you’ve been force to bite down on is tied behind your head. Three days later, the three of you arrive to the Akatsuki‘s hideout, once inside Itachi tugs your ropes making you walk down some of the corridors. He opens a door and roughly pulls you in. Once inside he pushes you forward, then turns around and walks away, closing the door behind him. Still tied up you manage to loosen your hands enough to unbound them, then moving to the tied gag. You scanned across the room looking in the bottomless pitch black room. Slowly turning around to the door, feeling for the knob, “I wouldn’t try that.” Says a very deep intimidating voice from behind you. “Do what?” You reply turning around to try and see who was there. A candle was soon lit, flickering around enough to light up the small room. “If you try to escape, you will only be caught again.

Do you wish to play cat and mouse?” He asks, still calm without a doubt in his mind. “Very well, I’m the leader of the Akatsuki, Pein. I’ve requested you to be brought here for the sole purpose because of your abilities in which we can use.” He says, his eyes seem to capture you with a familiar stare. A knock on the door pulled you from those thoughts, “Enter.” He says, and once the door opens you see a tall, blue haired woman walk in. She looks deeply at you then gazes to Pein. “Konan, take her in your care, watch over her for the time being.” He says to her, Konan nods with out a word. She directs you to a closed off room. A mere two doors down from the room you were just in. You’ve been with the Akatsuki for over two months, mostly locked with in the confined areas of the base, however there were times when you would go outside but only with Konan at your side. She constantly watches everything you do but you weren’t so alone.

 Tobi another member would often accompany the two of you, only if he wasn’t out doing missions for Pein. “Tobi-chan, wants to play tag.” He says childishly. You look to Konan, as she looks to Tobi. With a wave from her right hand you both begun to play. Even though you didn’t really care to play you just did since you couldn’t really do anything else. You hid partly behind a tree, watching Tobi walk right past you. A smile swept across you face thinking he wouldn’t find you. “Wrrraaah, found you.” He says hanging from the tree above you. You thought your eyes were playing tricks on you, after blinking a few times you looked up, he wasn’t there. “What are you looking up for?” He asks, you look down in front of you, where he now stands. You couldn’t tell what his facial expression was but the sound in his voice seemed fill with a curiousness. “We should head back to Konan.” You say holding your hand for him to grab it. You both quietly walk back, Konan still leaning against the wall. “Good, now that you’re done I need you both to follow me.” She says, leading the way.

“To where?” Tobi asks, tilting his head to the right. Konan looks at him from the side of her eyes, “Pein wishes to speak with you both.” She responds. After a few minutes down the hall you three stood in front of his door, she knocks and enters first, then you and lastly Tobi. “I need Konan go with Tobi, while Mizuki goes with me. We’re heading to the Hidden Rain while Konan you and Tobi head to the Hidden Water village.” He says both Konan and Tobi nod, while you just starred at him. He turns around fully facing you three, his eyes again capturing you. “Dissmiss, Mizuki meet me outside at dusk, for we leave then so pack now. Konan you and Tobi leave tomorrow.” He adds, as we all left soon after. You went to your room to prepare, packing only what is needed. You leaned back landing on top of your bed, while thinking of why you always seem to be captured by the man who ordered your kidnapping. “Damn.” You snarled, feeling overwhelmed with emotions. One very noticeable feeling of desire towards him. You rolled onto your side, closing your eyes allowing yourself to rest off the strong overwhelming emotions from your thoughts while you dream.

Now long after your door is pushed opened, “Hey!, un wake up.” You turned your head towards the blonde standing at your door. “Is it time already Deidara?” You ask, slowly sitting up. “I was only told to get you, yeah.” He responds. You stood up and gathered your pack, rushing past him. ‘Guess I slept longer then I thought.’ You think as you see the sun had already set. Across from the exit he stood next to a tree just waiting there. “Let’s go.” He says firmly, not turning towards you but instead he started off, but not too far ahead of you either. The weather soon changed and it not longer held the warmth, but now a clammy rain in mist shrouded the both of you. He stops and slowly walks into a building in front. He lights a candle after you had entered. “Here is where we stay, tomorrow you will gather the intel I will need before we push forward.” He says taking a seat in the chair that is in the corner of the room. It had been a little over a day since you left the Akatsuki hideout, your body seemed to ache.

 Not out of pain but tiredness, you put your pack on the only bed in the room, and started to rub your neck and shoulders. You turned around, facing towards the door while your back was to him. Taking off your Akatsuki coat off and putting it on the door hanger. Then you walked back, without starring at him you could feel him watching you, again you turn with your back facing him. Rubbing your shoulders in small circles you awaken your tired muscles. You stopped rubbing and stretched your arms straight above your head, feeling that the pop from your shoulders. You reached for your pack, pulling out some low-cut shorts and a t-shirt out. You walked to the bathroom to get out of your semi-wet pants, and to ready yourself for bed. When you came out Pein wasn’t in the chair, you looked around and the door was opened, walking over you stuck your head out and looked around. Still you couldn’t see if he was there, so you closed to the door and went to bed.

 {Pein’s POV}
 I needed to leave, I walked out the room to take a walk around outside. I needed to understand something, this feeling I have around her. Konan is the only one who has noticed, and she wasn’t happy either. She advised me to investigate this feeling and to see if it was what she thought, so I decided to do this mission with her instead of Konan. I headed back, the door closed and lights were off. I opened the door, removed my coat. Closed the door, to hand it next to hers. Slowly making my way towards the bed, leaning over her while watching her sleep.

 {Back to regular POV} Relaxing as you were, no longer cold from the misty rain that fell outside, until a small wet droplet touches your cheek. You reached your hand up wiping the cold droplet from your cheek. You opened your eyes to see his starring at yours. With out a thought you sat up, he leans back up missing your head from hitting his. You lit the candle next to you, seeing him soaking wet. “Where did you go?” You ask, he looks away but his gaze soon returns, “For a walk.” He replies, you get up out of bed, and walk into the bathroom. You returned with a towel and grabbed his hand to walk him to the chair. He sits allowing you to do as you wish, probably out of curiosity. You placed the towel over his head, slowly rubbing it all around to help dry him. He reaches up grabbing your wrists, he’s frozen cold to your delicate warm touch. You remove the towel, seeing his eyes gazing up at you. Blushing a deep red, and moving your wrists from his grasp, “You should dry off to avoid getting sick.” You say to him while handing over the towel, he stands up suddenly and pushes you on top of the bed with him hovering above.

 “Wha-,” You were cut off sentence by his lips deeply pressing against yours. After a few blinks, your body now engulfed by the desire you held for him took over. His lips moved over yours smoothly, as you parted you lips and mingled your tongue to his. Panting heavily, the need for air was coming while you poured ever ounce of love into this lustful passionate kiss. You both pull away, panting, catching him off guard as you flip him on his backside. His expression was of amusement while your lips glide to his and trails down his cheek, chin and crevice nook of his neck, were you slightly bite down marking your territory upon his flesh. A grunt whimpered from his lips, his body tingling as he feels your finger tips moving under his shirt, caressing his stomach. Feeling his excitement under the movements of your gliding finger tips, you remove his shirt from up and over his head. Again locked in his gaze for a moment after removing his shirt, you then went trailing down his neck, leaving slightly bitten areas as you move to his chest.

 Little red bruising upon his pale flesh, his grunting becoming deeper with every suckling movements of your lips. Your right hand trails down to his pants, your left tugging slightly on his piercing. Untying them while you stop your actions up above to sit up and pull his pants down to his ankles. Your right hand snakes around his harden member, stroking it up and down, gently. You watch as his lips curve to the right and his eyes close, you pick up pace while tighten your grasp slightly. You suddenly stop, he opens his eyes, propped up on his elbows just as your tongue moves over the tip of his dick. You lick in a circular motion, tasting him. He watches as you engulf his long, thick member into your mouth. You hear his breath pick up pace as your head bobs up and down his member. Again his eyes close, enjoying your hot, wet mouth sucking up and down. Faster and further you went while cupping his ball in you left hand as your index finger rubs behind them.

Feeling him jitter under your touch, he releases his salty cum into your mouth, as he grunted out a form or relief. You move from your position, wiping his taste from your lips. Pein leans up to your lips, tasting himself but wooing you down so that he was on top and you below him once again. Feeling a cool breeze touch your flesh, only to realize you no longer had any clothes on, he moves his left hand over your right breast, cupping it while he taunts your nipple to fully erect. Your body tingling under his taunting touch. You grasp for air as he leaves your lips, trailing his tongue down your chin, neck to your chest. He licks around your left breast, and bites roughly over your nipple. You arched your back up, feeling the sting of his bite while continues. Moving his right hand to your left breast teasing as he was to your right breast, now under his warm, wet tongue. He taunts the nipple with a bite as well, then moved down your chest, kissing over your stomach, you close your eyes feeling his fingers move over your clit. He pinches and taunts it between his fingers.

“Ummhh.” You moan, feeling your body as if it were on fire. Your hand move over your breast, you rub over as if you were not in control of your own movements. He moves his fingers from your clit, sliding two inside your warm, moist fold. You bite your lower lip, the passion filling up as your body rocks with his movements that now are deep inside your wet walls. He leans forward, and over your mound licking your clit as he continues his circular in and out motions. “Aaahhh,” You softly breath, your right hand moves down to touch Pein’s red-orange locks as he keeps licking you. You voice caught in the back of your throat, your body panting with sheer, lustful sweat covering over your body. He feels your walls tightening around his fingers, and moves them out as he laps up your fluids, to taste your sweet bliss. Like he did, you sat up and leaned to him for a kiss, as you taste yourself on his lips. You both move on the bed, he repositioned himself above you.

Again your lips are locked as he lifts your left leg up, and around his waist. He keeps your body firmly below his and suddenly enters you with a deep, hard thrust. A tear escapes your eye, running down your cheek. The pain shocked your body quickly but as it quickly came so did it leave just as fast. He waits for a moment, leaves your lips and places his head over your shoulder in the nook of your neck. He thrusts in and out, you can feel his kisses and hot breath on your neck, you wrap your arms under his arms and grasps over his back. “Uummph.” He grunts moving his pace fast, as he lift your other leg up and over his waist. “P-aa-eeeiiin” You groan out, he kept thrusting roughly, yet deep. Your breast bouncing up and down while you were locked in his grasp until he suddenly flips where you were riding on top. He keeps thrusting up as you naturally slid down, you rocked your hips as he did meeting him with each smack on your skin on his. “M-aaa-iizzaakkii” He moans, reaching up and cupping your bouncing breasts. Now both your bodies covered his sweat, evenly.

 Not only did you scratch his back but now his chest held your nail marks, you lean forward. He moves his hands to your hips, moving his thrust harder, and deeper. “Aaaaa-hhhh.” You both moan, reaching his lips with your swollen ones, while panting out moans of incoherent words. A song of sexual vibes leaving a pleasurable vibrations erupting from each other’s lips, escaping with panting breaths without words to be expressed. Feeling your bodies to relax and a scream from each other’s lips escape with one big breath, “AAA-aaahhhhhhhh, Mizu-Pein--rrrraahhh.” With the roar of the thunder and lighting blaring in the background, masking your screams of excitement. Still your blonde lock drenched in sweat as his didn’t seem to be, however the glistening water like droplets drenching down his body proved other wise. You roll to the left laying on your side, Pein rolls to his side taking his right arm over your body, embracing you closely to him. Sleep took over you both, as a smile is plastered upon your lips, and a curve expresses on his too.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

雷Tied together by your lightening and my threads雷Kakuzu one-shot (Request for korysresistance)

Name: Kuro Shiitan (first, last)
Age: 20
Village {if any}: Sunakagure
Rank if ninja: Jounin,S-rank criminal/missing Nin
Looks: Picture is up above (Brown-blonde tint hair,golden brown eyes, sporty like athletic body, 5’10 and 120 lbs.)
Abilities/Kekkei Genkai {if any}: Medical abilities, super strength and lightning.
Personality: Mean and cruel
Horoscope Sign: Virgo


“Damn.” You say under your breath, just as a sharp thunderstorm hit. “What is it Shiitan?” Kakuzu asks, from under his mask. “We need to get out of rain, or lightning will be drawn to me.” You reply, his expressionless cold neon green eyes glare from the side. “Fine, but don’t disturb me.” He coldly says, you shrug your shoulders as if nothing he says would hurt you. “Let’s fucking go, I need to do an offering soon for fucking sake.” Says an annoyed Hidan, while muttering to himself some more. “Move your ass then.” You say in remark, Hidan looks at you but moves as the storm got closer. Hidan, you and then Kakuzu find shelter in a cave.

You felt ease, yet a lot of your energy was drained down, thanks to the storm. Even underneath the storm Anbu followers still managed to follow you three to the cave. They shadowed with the storm, but still you three heard. Annoyed that they found you, Hidan slept as Kakuzu counted his stash. You stood up walking to the entrance of the cave but stopped doing a jutsu to be hidden under an illusion. Kakuzu knew you all to well, he was after all the one that brought you to the Akatsuki. Even before Hidan joined, it used to be just you and Kakuzu but that changed.

Just only thing with Hidan that annoyed you the most was the fact he would do an offering with each kill, always holding back and being late. A bolt flashed in the sky, as it did you used its energy to kill all six anbu that were watching with one strike of over twenty thousand volts. Releasing your cloak illusion jutsu, revealing yourself, as you walked back into the cave holding your arms from the burns you received doing your nature jutsu.

“Fuck.” You whispered, walking to your small pack that lay on your bed roll. You pulled out a cream, antibiotic out and some gaze to wrap the burns. Kakuzu watches you, as you put the cream on first then the gaze to protect it from any more injury. You put the cream back in to you pack, zipping it back up and moving it aside. You unfolded part of the cover on your bed roll, gently you went under it, laying down so you could fall fast asleep. Which you soon did, Kakuzu gets up after ten minutes, moving slowly to your side as he sees you bandage hand lay lightly up on your stomach.

His neon green eyes gaze all around, as he reaches out, lifting your injured hand up. He looks all around seeing if you would need any alternative healing, or in his case stitching. Sure enough, a part in the corner of your wound needed a few stitches, so some of Kakuzu’s thread splitted apart from his own flesh, moving fast towards yours. You looked towards the door, focusing on something else until he was done, which was no more then a minute.

“Thanks Kakuzu.” You say, rubbing your left hand, with the right. Hidan looks at you then at Kakuzu, unknowingly you both didn’t notice him watching silently, since he is hardly ever silent. You look up, seeing Hidan stand up rolling his bed roll. Kakuzu stood and started to walk out the cave, followed by you and then Hidan. The three of you all headed on, Kakuzu took the dead shinobi for a bounty, since it was on the way. Another day in a half you three will be back to the hideout. Suddenly Kakuzu stopped, haulting you slowly, and Hidan who ended up falling off the edge of the tree branch. “Fuck, Kakuzu, why the fuck did you stop. Bastard!” He shouted, and just as Kakuzu thought you three was in the clear, but thanks to Hidan.

The Mist village, Anbu black ops found you three once again. All because Hidan had to shout it out, “Ready yourself, Kuro, Do you think you can draw them in with a special attack?” Kakuzu asks, his neon eye penetrating yours. “Well I could use that one with your threads and draw lightning to them like magnets.” You reply, pulling out some of your medical knives. Kakuzu nodded, drawing out his threads the way he knew you would use, surrounding the Anbu shinobi like they were trapped in a cage.

“Draw to me, Kaze no Hikari.” You say, doing the hand signs. Lightning flashed brightly in the sky, as the clouds pick up wind, circulating around the blowing trees. Your other undamaged hand held the medical kunai tightly, as you readily draw the lightening to yourself, then to the threads that were wrapped around your body. As the light touched your whole body, you magnetized the threads causing a wild fire like shock short circuit killing all ten Anbu in such surprise. How ever the ones that figured the trick out, and survived came to attack you.

Your body moves, turning around to kick the one running towards you. Violently you unwrap the lightning ignited threads, and like a whip used them as a weapon. Slashing through the ones that dare attack you, the last one the whip thread ties around the shinobi, choking him as his skin sets a flame. “Fuck, did you have to go on a murderous rampage too?” Hidan asks, smiling as he pulls one of the dead bodies in his blood like circle. “I wouln’t talk you blabbing fucking moron.” You reply, glaring sharply at him.

“What the fuck is up your ass? You don’t have to fucking go on you know. You fucking bitch.” Hidan says, then stabs himself with his scythe. “Shut up you bastard, at least I know when to fucking keep my mouth close. Fucking idiot.” You retort once again. Hidan moves his head looking directly at you, his glare in his mind pierced daggars into every angle of your body. Kakuzu looks sharply at you and Hidan, his glare strong enough to make you both go silent, as he started to recount his money once more. Kakuzu puts his money away, and starts to move again with you and Hidan following.

Nightfall came, and you three unrolled your beds. The starry blanket sky, you three slept under, your thoughts caused you to toss and turn. Kakuzu watches you, Hidan praying not far from Kakuzu. His neon eyes starring so deeply at you, that he didn’t at first notice Hidan kneeling by him, smirking. Kakuzu looks up, after noticing but something started to frustrate him, Hidan’s all knowing smirk plague across the silver like hair man. “What?” Kakuzu asks, looking back toward your sleeping form. “Oh nothing, just trying to keep my fucking mouth closed.” He responded. Kakuzu sits up, leaning against the trunk of the tree he is near, Hidan looking from the corner of his eyes at Kakuzu.

“You’ve been her partner much longer then mine, when ever she’s asleep you’re always fucking starring at her ass. If you fucking love her why don’t you just fucking tell her, for fuck sake.” Hidan says, moving to his bedroll. “I’ve known her for fifthteen years.” He says, as he starts to remember seeing the little five years old that he once knew. “But Kuro is only twenty, so how is it you’ve known her for that long?” Hidan asks, blankly like he always did. “I was sent on a mission to kill a source, but he had a daughter. When I got there the source was already dead, Kuro stood over weeping, I walked in as she pulled a kunai wildly out. She started to attack me with using lightning and wind attacks.” He says, taking a deep breath.

“Then what the fuck else?” Hidan asks, finding something more about this cruel and mean woman that lay not far from either of them. Kakuzu closes then opens his eyes as he starts to continue on, “She stabbed one of the hearts I have in me. I noticed her abilities immediately, I knew she is no ordinary child. My thread even haulted to her abilities, I didn’t know much about her only that her father was a brilliant medical shinobi. Hint as to her abilities, that night I took her with me, Pein thought she could be useful as a spy and ninja in training. I was to be her like guardian, reporting in and all her progress. She continued on to perform medical and ninjutsu training. Since her Jounin rank she disappeared from the Hidden Sand village, and has been with me since.” He finishes, still staring at you.

If there is anything that Kakuzu couldn’t understand it is the reason as to why he, himself watches deeply over you. To him your life meant like water to a man barren in the desert sands. Your face distorted, clearing showing that there is something on your mind, Hidan went to lay on his bedroll, as Kakuzu lay back down pulling up his cover and going to sleep himself. Sweat built up on your luke warm body, your golden brown eyes shot open as you sat up suddenly. You processing the thoughts that flooded your mind, then your gaze moved around like the wind did blowing your golden blonde hair, the swaying made you remember the first time you met Kakuzu too.

You gazed over to him, then towards Hidan; both deep asleep. You tossed your cover from over your body, standing up slowly. You took your chance, climbing up the tree in front of you. The wind blew more and more, you opened your water jug, splashing yourself little by little, just cooling off. Kakuzu, peeked a bit after hearing you move. He noticed you in the tree high above, your head leaning back as droplets of water fell to the ground. Kakuzu watches how the wind blew your gold blonde hair swaying like smooth spider silk. While he was lost in your mesmerizing looks, you noticed him staring. This caused your cheeks to turn, as a small child like devious smile plays across your lips.

“Kaku?” You sang, as your voice lingers around in an echo to his ears. Kakuzu looks up, blinking his eyes as he watches you move, and land softly on the ground. “Cannot sleep?” You ask, getting his attention to your velvet, everlasting sweet like voice. Kakuzu was up on cloud nine alright, he couldn’t do anything but swallow this agonizing feeling that left a lump in his throat. You sway your way over, closer and closer until your breath warmed his nose. You smiled, feeling more then welcoming, as you pressed your palms on his stitched covered chest. He does as you pushed, making him lean back once again the feeling clouded his judgement, and you knew it too.

Seeing the man that became your most desired object, now lifeless below your touch, as you smirked to him. Kakuzu’s eyes glaze over, the feeling growing at the pit of his stomach, urging him. The lust that drapped over him, now lingering over you. Finally, you took control, taking him as he allowed with your lips crashing to his, roughly. Kakuzu snaps from his trance like stage, his neon eye glow but not of anger more passion dressed his intentions. His arms wrap around you, protectively, yet lovingly. His longing takes chance like a blooming rose. His silky threads swirl around you and him, as Kakuzu flips you over on your back.

His lips trace over yours, his finger tips tickle their way down your body tracing every inch, and curve as they glide over. You unzip his cloak, just as he unzipped yours, the cool breeze blows over your warming flesh and his. He moves his lips, trailing down your neck, and shoulder. Your arms wrap around his shoulders, and neck. This pulled you and him closer, as you capture his lips once again. His body tightly pressed against yours, as he massaged your breast with out moving his lips from yours.

You moaned in the kiss, as he stuck his tongue in between your lips, caressing and flicking it around your warm mouth. You both parted, the need for air to fill your lungs came to a sudden intake of. You could feel your excitement grow in between your legs, with the urge to have him deep inside of you. Kakuzu’s feeling risen, passionately just to have you if only this time he would enjoy it with fire like pleasure. Again you couldn’t help but want to just go straight to fucking him, but you thought it would be more fun to first tease him unexpectedly.

A devious smile plays on your lips, dancing with sheer pleasure as you started to flip him on his back, this indeed surprised Kakuzu. He smiles as you remove the remaining clothing from his body, your lips trailing further down to his neither region. Your fingers twirl around as your palm wraps to his lengthy member, grasping tight but not too tight. He closes his eyes as you look up, your hand motions up and down, stroking him faster, as your lips move to his tip. You lightly lick him with the tip of your tongue, he moans softly, feeling the warm wetness.

You pick up pace slowly, as you started to engulf his entire thick member. You moved your left hand to his balls, as you kept your right hand at the base of his dick. Your head bobbed up and down, with each time you moved up to his tip you would take him in further, until you gagged at the back of your throat. Your right hand moved with your mouth, up and down, going faster with each stroke. His member pulses in your mouth and hand, suddenly a small amount of salty bitterness touches your tongue. You sucked harder on him, and not long after you started to slow down your pace he came in your mouth.

You wipe your lower lips, swallowing his cum, and licking your lips while you start to sit up. Kakuzu opens his eyes, the threads from his body still swirling around you both. He sits up as you look down at him, leaning your face into his as your lips collide again. Without taking his lips off yours, Kakuzu moves up and around you, pushing you down slowly while he starts to remove your clothing that remains. His threads slash over you clothes, tearing them off in one swift movement, he stares over your body, his eyes seemed to smile as he once again get hard.

“K-kakuzu.” You moan, feeling his member as you reached down to stroke him. Kakuzu moves your left hand from his thick member, holding it above your head along with your right hand. His threads wrap around your wrists, bounding them together, and his left hand holds them both down, while his right hand moves in between your warm, wet folds. He massages your clit, making you squirm under his touch. No longer does he feel vulnerable, as his pointy long thick member enters your quivering virgin body.

He moves his hand, seeing small droplets of your blood come out as he moves slowly out of your steaming hot entrance. Your facial expression emersed in pain, Kakuzu watches as he continues to slowly move in and out. You slowly dig your nails in his skin, as the pain subsided so did your grip. “Mmmhhaa, faster.” You moaned, his neon eyes looks sharply to you, as he picks up pace. “Mmmaaahhh.” You moaned again, he starts to get rough, his pace and thrust shake your body, rapidly. You moaned his name in a whisper, barely for his to hear, your right hand moves up as your index finger sticks out and over your lower lip.

Your mouth wide opened, with you biting on and off of your finger, “Ka-kakuzu.” You moaned, loudly. In and out, deeply he went, your eyes rolled to the back of your head, toes curling as he went deep and fast with in. Each time he came out, again he rushed back in, as if he were missing his lollipop lick. “Harder, Mammmahhha harder K-kakuzu.” You groaned, trying to keep your quivering lips for mumbling in a incoherent rant. Kakuzu moves in and out, violently as your body yearned yet also quaked like the shaking rocks of a thunderstorm.

“M-mmhm.” He groaned, lifting your legs up. You didn’t think anything of it, until you felt him hit your g-spot, a feeling of satifacation rocked you like a misty snow mountain, gleamering with the sun, “Ahh, mmmaaaahhh there ahhh.” You purred, faded rants of your moaning voice echo around, over and over. His speed picks up with each of his thrust, pounding into you like a drill. You leaned up as he leaned forward, your lips clash together like an unyielding bond, “Naahhh Ku-roo.” He moaned, in the kiss as you felt his cock pulsate, then you felt and he did too.

Your wet walls had like a choke on his cock, tighly in place. You both could feel you’re hitting your climax, you both let each other go. You leaned back down and he lean back up, thrusting in and out, deep and hard until he could no more. “KURO!” He shouted, coming inside of you, then you screamed at the height of your lungs, “KAKUZU!” Both of your sexes mingling, as he liquefies down both your legs, he gets off of you. After pulling up your bed roll sheet over your and his body, you move on your side, gazing at him. The threads that were around you both, stopped dancing and moved back into his body.

You leaned your head over one of his hearts, silently listening. His left hand moves to your right cheek, a cold palm softly laying still, “Tied.” He mumbled, you tiltled your head, looking up as he looks deeply in your gaze, then finishes, “Tied together by your lightening and my threads.”

人形Sand and time, capturing a Puppet’s love人形(Request one-shot for deidarasluver262)

Name: Mizore
Age: Somewhere in her 40’s (Same age as Sasori)
Village: Sand
Rank: Missing Nin
Looks:Is up above
Abilities/Kekkei Genkai: She can copy any Kekkei Genkai and can also use ice and water styles natural with out using her chakra too.
Personality: she can be nice and mean at times but if you catch her in the right mood she can be the coolest person you ever meet
Horoscope Sign: Aquarius


You rushed at your attacker, swiftly and fast. Grabbing what Leader-sama requested and bolted back to base, entering in you see your long time and only friend Sasori heading to his room. “Sasori.” You greeted passing him, he looks up. “Mizore.” He greeted back, you stopped in front of Leader’s room knocking twice before you heard ‘Enter’ in which case you opened and closed walking over the orange haired man standing next to Konan. “Mission was a success target eliminated, here is what you requested Leader-sama.” You said bowing your head in respect and pulled out the scripture handing it to him.

“You’ve done well Mizore, rest for now your next mission will not be solo. You will go with Deidara and Sasori.” He said. “Hai.” You responded and left afterwards. Pein rubs his temples, as he and Konan watch you leave. “Damn why is my heart racing after leader said Sasori’s name.” You whispered to yourself, holding your hand over your beating heart. You walked ten step north then you turned east going twenty steps, and soon stopped in front of your door. You turned the knob, twisting it open.

“Mi-chan!” You hear Tobi scream, he was running down the hall west of your position. You knew this game all to well, Tobi once again pissed a member off, Deidara. “Tobi, no!” You shout, after being dragged into your own room. “What did you do this time?” You harshly ask, Tobi stands up against the door, listening for Deidara to pass. “Tobi good boy?” He says, turning his head towards you. “Yes, Tobi is a good boy. Now what did you do?” You reasked him, Tobi walks to your bed sitting down on it.

“Tobi, only played with Deidara-senpai’s clay.” He says, childishly. Just as Pein did you begun to rub your temples. “And what else?” You added, with your hands resting up on your hips. “I also was playing with some of Sasori-senpai’s puppets, and accidently got some clay on one.” He replies, then just after he tells you, a sudden loud explosion could be heard down the hall. Tobi wasn’t kidding when he said that, cause your bedroom door swung open, revealing a very angry red head puppet.

“Ah!” Screams Tobi, running once again out of your room and down some more random hall, still screaming his lungs off. Sasori turns his gaze from your door to you, and then instead he turns all the way around to leave. “Sasori, when should we leave to our next mission?” You ask, he stops but he was thinking, as he says finally, “Leader-sama says we should leave tonight, since it will take us four days to get to the Mist village.” You stood up, walking behind him, “And Deidara, what is he to do then?” You ask, placing your hand up on his shoulder. “He is to fly, over to give us a partical distraction. Long enough for us to enter, and leave with the weapon.” He replies, turning his head to see you.

“Mizore.” He says, ever so softly. “Yes, Sasori-kun.” You reply, blushing a tint pink on your cheeks. “How long have we’ve know each other?” He suddenly asks, yes a question you weren’t really sure about why he would ask, yet you still replied, “Since we were four, why?” His head turns from your gaze, and he once again starts to walk out, but just as he was about to close the door he said, “No reason, I just asked.” Out of everything, Sasori was never the one to randomly ask such question, so it seemed like something was bothering him.

After you’ve been at Sasori’s side for over thirty years, you noticed he was always distant, yet the look in his eyes burned to your core. It was cold, sad and something else you just couldn’t put your finger on. You started to gather the things in a pack that you would need, a few hours later after the sun had set. A knock came to your door, a voice calling out at the same time. “Coming, Deidara.” You reply, opening the door and leaving behind him. You and Deidara make way to the exit and entrance of the hideout, after seeing Sasori already standing there waiting.

You did a jutsu, moving the huge boulder of stone to leave. Once all three of you were out, you released the jutsu letting the stone close once again. With swift pace, the three of you rode on Deidara’s large clay bird, even though Sasori mostly walked. On the fourth day, the sun hit high up in the sky, and you knew it was noon from the angle of it. Deidara landed in front of Sasori, the wing leaned down allowing you to jump off. “Deidara, don’t keep us waiting for long.” Sasori said, while hiding in one of his puppets. “Yeah, un.” Deidara replies, flying up in the sky. You and Sasori, hide by the gate in the bushes watching as Deidara set of bombs everyewhere to gather all the ninjas’ attention.

When Deidara set off three bombs in a row, which was your signal to move. Jumping and running around the building as you and Sasori make it in Kage building, to snatch the staff weapon. You both entered expecting to be some ninja guards, but as you and Sasori walk down and up the stairs. You both noticed it was way to quiet, so your gazes looked around, cautiously. Sasori watched your back, as you opened the large wooden door, entering and quickly grabbing the staff off its shrine. Unfortunately, several ninjas appeared, surrounding both you and Sasori.

You secured the staff behind you, as you fought back and dodged their hits. Sasori summoned two of his puppets out fighting back, just as you jumped, kicked, punched and dodged. “Give us the staff, onna.” You pulled two kunai’s out striking as the ninja dodged your attach, you went for a round house kick, but failed as your body was attacked from your blind side, causing you to be tossed harshly against the stone walls surrounding the building. You coughed after impact, small trials of your own blood seeped out of your mouth and down your bottom lip.

You stood up sparingly, your side hurting from the kick, and you whole back and head taking a toll. You could feel blood running down the side of your head, where it met with the wall. Sasori noticed, the way your hands moved he knew you were about to do you forbidden water jutsu, and he even noticed the condition you were in. You formed a water wall around the men, and then did another jutsu to harden it to ice, but once you did that your body slowly started to fade. You knew you lost more blood doing the jutsus, you dropped to your knees losing yourself.

Another ninja leaped forward, four of them surround you. You blinked the sweat cover blood from you left eye, and wiped the remaining from your mouth and forehead. You folded your hands together, doing another jutsu; then held your position doing your family kekkei genkai; Sasori noticed you were copying him. Taking the third Kazekage from him to use as a surprised attack, as he took out some more ninjas on his side. You close your eyes focusing on the puppet moving behind, attacking some as others dodged. Once again you slowly started to lose the puppet, leaving yourself open for an attack.

Again you dropped to your knees, and for that quick moment two of the ninjas that dodged noticed and took that as there invite. Both attacking you on each side, not giving you enough to dodge as they both twisted around and kicking you once again to the wall, hard. You looked up, coughing again and unable to move your right arm since it was now broken. You could hear them approaching slowly, your eyes moved to where Sasori is. He turned after killing his last enemy; he saw the two coming and used his puppet to kill them as you lost sighted, blacking out for the injuries you took.

Unknown to you, Sasori removed your pack, and staff. He picked your limp body up in his arms, leaving the building to meet up with Deidara on the roof. “Sasori-senpai, what happened to Mizore?” Deidara asked, seeing all the blood and wounds on you. Sasori said nothing, the winged clay bird titled enough for Sasori to lay your injured body down, and get on himself. “Hurry up Deidara, head to the south hidden cave so that we can rest, heal and treat any injuries we have.” Sasori says, Deidara nods taking the bird to the sky.

Sasori tore some extra clothing off his armor puppet, wrapping them temporary around the bleeding wounds, to stop the heavy flow of blood seeping from them.

Three days have passed; you slowly opened your eyes. As cloudy as they are you were still able to see the damp, fire background echoing off the cave you were in. “Finally you’re awake, un.” Deidara says, his bright blue eye looking over you as he hovered over your laying body. Slowly you started to sit up, Deidara assisting you. Squinting your eyes shut a bit from feeling the pain shoot up, as your left arm moves over your stomach, holding tightly.

“We’ll leave in the morning, so you both rest up. I really hate waiting on people, but this is something we need to.” Sasori’s blank dead, voice calls. His slumped over puppet body, enters the cave. “Sasori-sama?” You called, your voice barely speaking without the sound of pain echoing from your lips. “Three days, Mizore.” Was all he said in his usual non-void of a tone, as he simply lies in the corner of the cave. The fire provided dim lighting, flying rapidly around the walls as your mind came at ease.

Deidara looks at you then over to where Sasori was, you quirked your brow trying to see what it was he seemed to be pondering about. “Deidara, what is it now?” You asked seeing his only blue eye look at you. “How did Sasori knew what you were about to ask, un?” He asks, and you smirk laying back down with your arm behind your head, elbows popped out. “We’ve known each other far too long, and we know what each other will ask or say at times too.” You reply, closing your eyes. “Really, yeah?” He says, smiling down to you, and then looking at Sasori who was now looking over towards you and him.

The morning came, cool and stead fast with your eyes snapping open before dusk. You looked over seeing Deidara snoring across from you, leaning up as you turned your head to see Sasori out of his slumped over armor puppet as he was leaning against the wall with his eyes closed still. Silently you move, sitting up slowly as not to reopen the wrapped wounds. You moved from under the rolled bed, folding it up as you stood, walking over to Sasori. “Ready.” You whispered, and then went to wake up Deidara from his enchanting of a snore rest. “Deidara, it’s time.” You say, loud enough that it echoed off the cave walls.

The three of you left the cave, seeing that there was only a day in a half left before you three would make it to there. The day flew by, like the driftwood float across the river before you. You stared down watching the driftwood, as you were all relaxing waiting until the night fully dressed over, making your ease from any shinobi or ambo. After all you successfully escaped, but only barely with the staff and your life.

Again even that you owed to Sasori, since he was the one that managed to retrieve you and the staff. A sudden, yet unknowingly you frowned. Kneeling down to the water as you see your reflection bouncing back, so you poked it causing ripples in the water. Both Sasori and Deidara watch your subtitle feel seeing the sadden response. “Mizore?” You hear, Deidara calling to you. “Yes?” You respond, turning your head to the both of them. “We need you to do the jutsu to move the rock.” Sasori says, stopping all thought from leaving Deidara’s lips.

You stood up from off your knees, walking over to the two of them. Your palms move together, to the center of your body as you did hand signs. The ground below shook violently as an earthquake would, while the large boulder moving upward, almost floating up in the sky. Sasori, Deidara then you walked below underneath as the boulder slowly moved down, closing into place. Silently the three of you all walked down the dark corridor, turning right at the end, and then left after twelve paces.

Where you three stood in front of a door, waiting until Sasori knocked on the large black cave door. “Enter.” Came the reply, as you all did as told, entering the door. Again you all fall in line entering one by one, until you closed the door after entering, you all silently waited for Pein to say something as Sasori handed him the staff, from off his back. “How did the mission go?” Asks, Konan as she came into view. “We had a day worth set back.” Sasori says, as both Pein and Konan’s eyes shift all three of you.

Their eyes shift to you, standing nonchalantly behind Deidara and Sasori. “How come?” Pein questions, looking at Sasori. “Mizore was injured in the fight we had.” Replies Sasori. “Very well, you’re all dismissed, and Mizore allow Kakuzu look over you when he returns tonight.” Pein instructs, with you three turning your backs to leave. The door opens, then closes as you went your way and they did the same. You went right back as if you were leaving, but only turned halfway down on the left side towards Kakuzu’s quarters. “Kakuzu?” You called, knocking on his door.

“What do you want, Mizore?” He asks, opening his door partly, just enough to see his bright neon looking eyes, gaze down. “Leader-sama asked for me to come see you about my injuries.” You reply, placing your right hand on his door, pushing on it as he started to back up. Soon enough you sat on his bed, removing your akatsuki coat, showing the wounds on your stomach and arms. Laying on his bed lifting your fishnet like shirt up, revealing the wound on your left side. Once again you managed to open it slightly; you bite down on your lower lip, closing your eyes as the strings from his right wrist move around.

Relaxing as you were, on his bed until you felt him sewing the wound up. “Damn, Kakuzu.” You say, sitting up feeling your flesh tighten roughly. “Don’t move so much.” He says, harshly after you sat up fast, then stood up walking to his door. “I’ll remember that, thanks Kakuzu.” You say, closing his door and walking down the darkened hall to your room. You stopped in front of your door, looking over your shoulder towards Sasori’s door, hearing him silently working. You smiled to yourself, turning around as you tapped your index finger on his door, loudly.

“I’m busy working.” He shouted from the other side of the door, you smiled turning the knob and opening the door to let yourself in. “I know, that’s why I just walked in now.” You say, walking in, closing the door and walking over to his bed. You lay back, comfortably with your right elbow up in the air and your back palm over your eyes. The sound of Sasori working slowly put you to sleep, turning on your left side now fully asleep. Sasori soon finished his newest puppet; he stands up looking over to his bed, only to see you were out cold. He walks over, pulls his cover over you, then sits on the edge of the bed.

He stayed still, just watching over you. Unknowingly you tossed and turned, as his eyes moved over your body. For once he finally saw you, the one person he’s known his whole life, yet the beauty you had kept his gaze. Sasori knows what he wants; he desired to create a puppet version of you to capture your natural beauty that he sees in his eyes. He stood up walking back over to the empty puppets before him, slowly thinking, and pulling together one piece at a time. Every so often Sasori would look over at you, while he created his most loving and perfect masterpiece.

He didn’t know why his chest would beat erratically, his once flesh had warmed whenever he was around you, long ago. Now as he looks down at his puppet hands, he misses the touch he once felt. Unable to hold on to the feeling, as hours pass by, as he put together all the pieces he needed, one by one. Again you tossed to the right side, with Sasori looking every so often at you to make sure his creation would be fully complete. You tossed and turned as if you were having a nightmare, only to wake up rubbing your eyes. You opened your eyes, hearing nothing in the background.

You sat up slowly, hindering to Kakuzu’s words as they played over and over in the back of your head, like a plague. You moved from under the cover, your legs turned from the side over the bed, as you prepared to stand up. Just as you turned fully around you noticed something, a puppet, not just any puppet. One that looked like a complete wooden copy of you. Your right hand reaches out, as your finger tips moved swiftly over the hair, and wooden body. Smiling to yourself you couldn’t help but wish to harbor the feeling deep inside.

You stood up, walking around Sasori’s room. He was nowhere to be in sight, so you walked out his room in search of him, finally passing Itachi’s room as you see the said man walking out his door. “Ita?” You call, using his nickname. His head, eyes and body turns, fully letting you know you got his attention. “Have you seen, Sasori by chance?” You ask. “No.” He replies simply. You walk on past him, as he heads out with Kisame. You walk towards the common room, where the dining and kitchen is. You see Tobi, just before you enter. “Mizore-chan.” He squeals, running up to you. “Tobi-chan.” You sing back, just as childish as he did. You hugged him as he accepted it back, you let go soon after, seeing Deidara look up as you enter.

“Oi, Mizore.” Deidara says, waving to you. Tobi sits near Deidara, as Tobi watches Deidara make some clay art in front of him. “Hey Dei?” You ask, calling over to him, he turns his head looking at you with his blue eye staring. “Have you seen Sasori?” You added, Tobi suddenly jumps up screaming out. “In the kitchen, Mizore-chan!” You smiled at him and turned to head on towards the kitchen but not before you hear Tobi cry out. “Ouch, Deidara-senpai!” That caused you to laugh as you walked into the kitchen, and just as Tobi had said. There sitting down was Sasori, talking to Kakuzu who just so happened to be counting his money.

“Sasori, Kakuzu.” You say, sitting in the other empty chair across from them both. You grabbed the apple from off the table, taking a bite. “Ah!” You hear Tobi screaming, and then one of Deidara’s bombs exploding right after. Tobi soon was being chased by Deidara, who also was tossing his small clay bombs at him. The sounds of explosions and screams, annoyed another who also is a Jashinist, and Kakuzu’s partner too. He came into the kitchen area yelling about the sudden noises and how he could do his ritual because of it.

“Fuck them idiots, I couldn’t fucking do what I was supposed to do.” Hidan says. Kakuzu stands up walking over to Hidan, as he tells him. “We got a job to do, and I need to take in another bounty.” Kakuzu says, and they left right after that leaving you alone with Sasori. You looked up at Sasori, after that seeing his gaze already towards you. “Thank you, Sasori.” You say to him, he tilts his head to the left as if he didn’t know why you were saying that to him. “For the puppet.” You quickly added. He looks down, as his cheek turn a bit red.

Silence engulfs both you and Sasori, until he stands up heading out. You didn’t know what to say, or what to do. Even as you were children you can remember how Sasori acted, and couldn’t help but smile to it. “Wait, Sasori!” You shout, walking out to catch up to him, he stood not far as you walked up to him. “Yes, Mizore?” He questions, seeing your expression on your face. “Why did you make that puppet?” You ask, he looks forward thinking to himself. “To capture my sleeping beauty.” He replies, again blushing.

As he starts again to walk, with you following in silence with his words playing over and over in the back of your mind. ‘My?’ being the word mostly replaying as you thought about it. Rose red color splashed upon your cheeks, as you both halted in front of Sasori’s door once again. He opens his door leaving it as is, to let you come in if you pleased. “Sasori?” You call, closing his door but before you could ask him anything his lips brushed upon yours. So heated, full of regressed compassion held into the kiss. He pulls away first, your eyes fully open from being clearly surprised.

It was so unlike Sasori, yet you felt compelled to hold him in your arms. To you he was like a security blanket over you, the warmth you received was such a feeling to you longed to return. Out of nowhere you leaned in, pressing your lips to his while you close your eyes and relaxed in his welcoming embrace. His arms tightly wrapped around you, pulling you closer. For a good ten minutes your lips stayed glued to his, until the need for air broke free. His lips trailed down your cheek, and jaw basking on the side of your neck as he mellowed down.

“Sasori.” You whispered, as your fingers loosely find their way into his red messy hair. You could hear him groan, against your skin as you grasped his hair. Your body began to act on its own, like the fire inside of you wouldn’t if under water lose its flame. He rocked your body like an earthquake, as you did to him like torture. He moved back up to your lips, capturing them once again as his left hand moved elsewhere all around your body, tickling your skin. You squirmed in his arms as Sasori lay you on your back, across his bed.

His lips and tongue move together, over every inch as he trails down your neck and over your chest. His lips molded over every crevice that they pressed against, laying with your eyes closed, arms up with your hands both unconsciously next to your head. Sasori moves from your chest, leaning propped up on his right elbow as his left arm moves, slowly over your fishnet clothing, as he moved it up and over your head, tossing it aside. Again he leans forward down, towards your lips kissing them with fiery passion.

If anything the fire leaving his lips, would of left burns all across your body. His left hand cups your right breast, while he slowly massaged it in a circular way. As his lips leave you, moving back down to your now fully exposed chest, you opened your eyes with pure excitement, as his mouth firmly engulfs your plump round nipple. He sucks on it for a moment, then let’s goes licking around the nipple before he moves to your left breast, and he moves slightly to lean on his other elbow as it supports him the same way he did previously.

Your eyes closes again, moans softly leave your lips as your breath did. Over and over he moved from one breast to the other. Lifting both your legs up, as he swiftly, and sharply rip your pants off, tossing them aside just as he did with your fishnet shirt. You gasped clutching your right hand into a fist, then releasing it just as fast while his fingers moved in between your thighs. Sasori stood tall even on his knees, with both your legs hung over his shoulders. He leans forward in between, as his finger tips gracefully move in your moistening folds, rubbing them softly.

“Sasori.” You moaned, moving your right hand down to ruffle his red hair, while you moved your left hand to your lips. Biting down on your knuckles, as he slowly started teasing your wet clit with his tongue. Your move more than ever crave for his touch, you moved in ways you never thought about even when you were alone. Never this much excitement screamed, as your eyes glazed over. Your nether region, partly now being explored by not most trusted and close friend.

Sasori noticed, seeing your juices coming out slowly, he continues with right fingers massaging over your clit as his left went to your entrance. He sticks two of his fingers in, moving circular rotation as he moved in and out, slowly. He picks up pace, after hearing your musical voice rock your body in many echoes, with you moaning his name over and over. He knew that his member was more than ready to take you as you lay, right then and there. Yet for some reason he was enjoying his teasing, the feeling he thought as it crossed his mind. As if he was controlling you like one of his puppets, he feels your wall tighten, causing him to come out of his thoughts.

Clearly he wanted you much more then he thought, just as you came he moved his mouth to your entrance, licking up your sweet delicious melted candy. Just as he leans up, you move grabbing him, as you push him on his back. To his surprise, as his eyes wide open stare up at you, as a smirk plays down on your lips. You press your lips to his roughly, letting him know that you truly love him. If words meant nothing, you were just going to show him. Moving down from his lips, removing his cloak, and just as fast you removed his pants. His thick, long member stands out, like a needle in a hay stack. Eye poking ready, as you wrap your hand and fingers around it.

Fingers firmly, not tightly around his throbbing member as you start to stroke him slowly. His eyes close with a pain stricken look upon his expression. His face stayed in a mocking way, like he was holding back. You smirked to his distorted expression, sticking out your tongue as you lick the tip of his cock. You leaned down more directing his dick to your awaiting, moist lips. A small panting like moan whisked, lightly from his lips. Barely breathable words, escape with a hinting tone of lust as your name leave right after.

“Mizore.” He whispered, feeling himself soon coming to unbelieveable relief. You continued to move your head up and down, bobbing with flowing rthym. Your siliva soaking his length, as you felt him pulse in your mouth. Soon after you moved your head up to his tip, Sasori released his seed upon your lips. You licked your lips, tasting his sweet nectur. While swallowing what was left, as you slowly crawled up and over him. Sasori watches you with excitement blaring in his eyes. You smiled, leaning forward pressing your lips to his.

Out of nowhere you were flipped on your back once again, with your legs high and up over his shoulders. He leans gently forward, putting a bit of pressure on your lower regions. Then he leaned back up again, allowing your legs to firmly wrap around his mid-section, just partly up above his waist. You closed your eyes, feeling him enter your warm, moist core. Pain flushes all over, your eyes formed tears as they tighten. Sasori watches your face, he leans in licking away your fresh, salty tears. You open your eyes, immediately wrapping your arms around his shoulders.

“Why do you cry?” He asks. You look deeply into his gaze, seeing once again since he became a puppet, he was not familiar with that feeling. “It is because I am happy.” You reply, with a warm smile. A smile truly meant for him, you didn’t want to let him know that he was taking your virginity. He moved out, but not all the way, as he came back in slowly. He seems to understand once your tears clouded away, and moans grasping out of your lips as he picks up pace. In and out, deep and rough, as he goes with in your wet pussy. Sasori pulls out all the way, and slams back in, very hard. This jerked your body, causing your breast to bounce with his movements.

You arch your hips up, meeting his thrusts with every moment he penetrated you. Deep, softly yet all around warmth emitted from your body to his. Sasori longed to have you in his arms, yet he was more than unwilling to transform what he truly wanted; the ability to feel. He wished for the moment that he could truly caress the warmth, viberating like the echoes of your voice.

“Naahh-Sasori!” You screamed, feeling yourself tighten around his thich, long member. Sasori moans, loudly almost like a lion’s roar. He leans forward, thrusting with his strong might, feeling himself below tightly surrounded. You both knew that you were nearing your end, grasping onto each other, arms tightly around his and your shoulders.

In and out, deep and hard, Sasori’s body ravaging yours with a sheen coat of sweat, dripping from your body. A masking scent, raced up his nose, he enhales deeply. Both your and his body still clung together, rocking steadily, yet he still managed to thrust violently in and out of you. His cock pulsing more and more, while you still tighter if possible around him. You leaned your head back, as his stayed in the crook of your neck, while he were placing gentle kisses, as you came.

“Sasor!” You screamed, he continues moving, until he plunges deeper then before, staying still as you felt him come inside of you. “Mizore.” He grunted, with a deep voice. Sasori moves to the side, laying to your left with his eyes closed. He soon opens them when you pulled up his cover, laying it over both of your bodies. He turns to his side, staring deeply with in your gaze. “Mizore…” He says, trailing off as he turns his head looking towards the mini puppets on his table.

“Yes, Sasori?” You reply, once again he turns to you. His firm, yet loving gaze captures you. “How do you feel about becoming a puppet…with me?” He asks, you sit up, moving your upper body to lean over his. “Sasori, through Sand and Time, I’ll love you, my dearest puppet.” You say, he smiles vaguely, nodding his head in understanding to your wish. After it quieted down, you and Sasori both close your eyes, falling fast asleep.

Dreaming of both each other…Sand and Time, a puppets love. His love for you, while dreaming of creating your new soon to be puppet body, when ever you so choose.